virgin blogger

time of day: night
tummy: full
cat: inquisitive
music playing: chili peppers

So I thought it's best to make at least one post before I doing anything else just so that I can say am an honest-to-goodness blogger and didn't just set this up so that I could post (hopefully) interesting things for Illustration Friday. Even though that would be untrue, I'd like to be able to say it cause the truth is I've really gotten into this blogging thing. I read through Loobylu's and that somehow lead me to Holli Conger and her great story and then on to Illustration Friday which seems like a great community and I think just what I need at the moment. A bit of inspiration. A bit of a kick up the bum.

The coolest thing about this is that no one knows it exists yet. I haven't told anyone it's here, not my fiance, friends, or enemies. Anyone could happen upon it just by chance. Ah, the wonders of the internet. I actually had a blog long before it was called a blog when i came travelling to Australia 5 (five!) years ago. It's still out there in cyberspace somewhere.

Ok, enough of this. I need to get to some drawin.