Time of day: the witching hour
cat: sleeping
feeling: tired of sitting
dinner tonight: chicken in adobo sauce; spicier than I meant it to be!

Wow, it's really amazing to get people's comments on my drawings and even just to know that my illustration work is "out there" being viewed. Very motivating to do good work!

This is something I've been working on the past weeks: our wedding invitations! (getting married in Feb) - it took me a long time to get the expression on A's face (yes, that is me and my fiance) but it finally got there. The eucalyptus leaves & gumnuts are because we're having the wedding in the "aussie bush" (read: forest) Done again in Painter IX using conte on 'artist canvas' paper. I love Painter and all its textures. The canvas really shows through here and gives an effect I like.

We sent them out wrapped up like this:

and then recipients unwrapped this lovely cloth-like paper to reveal the invite and response card, which was a different postcard for each person. Mostly Frida Kahlo, one of my favourite artists (not so much for the aesthetics of her art but for what she said with it and for her story, but that's a post for another day)

So far they have been very well received!

Hoping to work on "strength" for illustration friday very soon and to post it before Thursday this time!