Time flies

Time of day: afternoon
Weather: mostly sunny
Feeling: guilty
Drink of choice: water

Wow, I can't believe it's been over 2 months since I made a post! I mean I do have good excuses, but still. 2 months?
OK, so first there were the holidays, then my family arrived from overseas, then I Got Married, then the honeymoon, then back to reality which took a good 2 weeks to deal with. But here I am, back in the thick of it, and much better for my experiences. It's amazing to look down at this ring on my finger, I love it.

I got a bit down on the flight back from our honeymoon (Magnetic Island) - this was the day I had been dreading for months. So much had been put off until "after the wedding" - like, oh say, looking for a job. And there I was, coming home to an empty house, which had been filled for 2 weeks with friends and family every night, no job, and not much motivation to go and seek one out. Sitting down with my good friend Tim Tam (aussie chocolate biscuits) sounded much more appealing. But lo and behold when I got home, there was an email from my old job asking me back, and I have since landed two illustration contracts as well. So, I am working 4 days a week doing graphic design, and drawing on my days off. Pretty cool!

The illo projects are pretty small, but at the moment for me it's all about building relationships with publishers, so big or small, it's all positive. This one publisher I met with recently just loved my work and went on with about 5 different books she'd like me to contribute to, including a fiction (character-based) picture book, which I've never done before, I've only ever done educational stuff, so that is very exciting! At the moment it is all talk though, so I'm not holding my breath (well, maybe just a little, turning red but not blue)

I've been loving watercolours and thinking I might take a watercolour class, cause even though I love it, I really have no idea what I'm doing. I also just read practically cover to cover a book that my husband gave me for my birthday: An Australian illustrator's who's who from Dromkeen which left me totally inspired - so many amazing artists out there! So it's full steam ahead!!

more actual illo posts to come I promise...