i-fri: Feet

Run Cows, Run!

Finally broke out my new watercolour paints and paper! Wohoo! Having so much fun experimenting. This is going to be used for a birthday card and inside it will say "let's party till the cows come home!" -- while I was at it, I made this one for my brother-in-law too:

I used a technique I saw posted on the i-fri forums about wetting the paper first and then the paint only goes where the paper is wet - which is great, BUT, on TOP of that, it makes all those cool fanning out textures that I love and that is the wonderful surprise and beauty of watercolours. I eschewed watercolours for so long thinking it was something to take up only when I retired to the country, but now I think it's great, cause I have realised (by looking at other i-fri participants, not my own work) that you can get just as intense colours as you can in other media. (also my scanner isn't the best so these images are slightly blurry and the colours aren't as saturated as on the page) It's the working-backwards-layering thing I need to master, since my main painting experience is oils which is opposite. But I'm learning thick and fast and loving it.

Comments most appreciated!