i-Fri : Insect

I have been woefully short of time to contribute to I-F lately - I was really hoping to have some Tea time last week and also to do something for the SBCWI contest which I found out about the day before it was due (how come I'm a member but I never seem to know about these things? Am I missing something?) - but deadlines loomed menancingly I'm afraid.

Luckily, however, INSECT is right up my alley. I have been ensconced in them lately for my most recent book project. Well, book-project-to-be, I hope. I'm working in tandem with this publisher in designing a set of 3 books for youngins. It's so much fun, I've never had a chance to do actual book design before, and although the publisher is keeping the reins pretty tight, it's excellent experience for me as a beginning illustrator, to learn the market and the tricks of the trade. She is going to take my samples to a book fair in Bologna in a few weeks and hope it gets 'picked up' - whatever that means. By a distributor I guess.

So here is a sample. There are some other insects in progress but this is my most favourite so far. The eyes are going to be actual pasted on googly eyes, and I am changing the black outline to a gold to make them sparkle and pop. I hope it goes forward cause I can't wait to see it completed!!