I-Fri : Monster

What a great topic! I had so many ideas spring to mind, but this one kept coming to the forefront:

Happy with the idea, but *sigh* not so much with the execution. I feel all I've been doing is posting my mistakes lately! (sorry!) But this is a learning process for me and I am definitely learning. I was going well with this one, getting nice deep colours, but then I made the ground too dark (why did I pick blue?) and then all of a sudden everything looked muddy. I salvaged it partially by lifting some of the colour from the ground and monster, which has made some interesting textures in itself and which I might explore later as a technique, but for now this one goes on the stack of ideas "to redo when i have time".

Any ideas of what I could do to make this better? (be gentle...) I'm always interested to hear how different artists approach the same task - the essence of i-fri, i suppose.

well it's back to the drawing board. I'm definitely going to take that watercolours class, but it's not till late April so I've got a few more weeks of flailing ahead! ;-J