I-Fri : Tattoo

and you wondered why hippos always have their mouths open....

Just a very quick one for this week. Sketched and scanned and then a wash in Painter. Still very short of time at the moment, but I liked this idea and wanted to put it in. Maybe at a later date I'll have time to do another treatment of it, and I might make it my first real watercolours project (bought new paints and paper a while ago but haven't had a chance to use them yet! It's terrible how life gets in the way of fun!)

I'd like to take a watercolours class to learn some techniques. There was a post on the i-fri art forums about watercolours tips which I found so helpful, and it's stuff like this I need to learn. All I've been able to find so far is a 1 day workshop at CAE (centre for adult education), which I might take, but would like to do a longer course ideally. The teacher of the workshop is Greg Alexander- his work is pretty cool and he has done a few children's books, so he might be a good contact. If anyone knows any good courses in Melbourne, Australia please let me know!!