Busy little bee

Time of day: mid morning
weather: overcast but warm for autumn
mood: relieved, now that our house inspection this morning is over with! (hate those!)
music: Maceo Parker's "Southern Exposure"

Here are some things I've been working on lately...
first of all, a little birthday card for my brother:

our family has this thing with mooses, I don't know where it came from - must be something to do with being Canadian! But ever since i was a kid it was moose-this and moose-that. As in, Merry XMoose, mooseburgers, or just "Moose!" to replace any expletive. Kind of silly but it's stuck into adulthood, so my big brother is big moose and now he's got a little moose of his own.

Secondly, the cover i alluded to in my last post: finished, sent off and accepted! I am very happy with it. Hope you can see enough details in this scan. Anyway, here it is (the blank bit at the top is where the title goes)

Very excited about this week's i-fri theme. I've been wanting to try something underwater for a while. Will post soon!