I-Fri: Robot

What would we do without them eh?

So a bit of a break from watercolours this week - just pen and pencil on linen paper - but that was yesterday.

TODAY, I took a one day watercolour workshop and am v. excited to start experimenting more! I feel like I understand washes and wet-on-wet techniques now. Also I got a very beautiful wash brush and realised that my paper is really crap! So I'm going to get some new paper and then let the games begin! So watch this space - I hope to post more soon.

In fact, I am setting a task for myself: A cover I have been asked to illustrate for a take-home reading book, which I was going to do digitally because I am comfortable there, well I'm going to make it my first "real" (as in "paid") watercolour job. Hey, if I can't get it right I can always go back to Painter IX in a flash, but sometimes I think the best way to learn is just to jump and and set challenges for yourself so.... wish me luck!