Aussie critters

Here are the beginnings of a birthday present for my niece who turns 1 at the end of July. Because she lives in the US (Boston) and I live in Australia (Melbourne), I love giving her australeeish things. When she was born I sent over an echidna puppet. (cute!)

so this year I am going to do a triptych of australian animal paintings (koala-kookaburra-platypus). Keeping them quite bold of course for a little one. Below are initial sketches and some colours tests in Photoshop before I get to painting it in gouache.

Hmmmm.... interesting. Before I posted these I liked the one with pink in the middle. Now that I see them all together, I think I like the first one best. The pink is almost too strong and fights with the purple of the platy. The one with yellow-green-blue seems to sit nicely together.... Funny. The one with yellow was the 3rd one I did and I almost didn't do it at all because I was sure the pink one worked well. I'm glad I posted!