Pussycat, pussycat

I completely surprise myself by the fact that I have not yet posted something to do with cats for Illustration-Friday. I mean, even my avatar is a cat! I love drawing cats. I love my cat. Yet still, utterly catless.

Well this still isn't for I-F but here's a little pussycat all the same, sunning himself as pussycats do. I did this one on really crap paper, so the colours aren't very strong, but I just wanted to play more with lifting the watercolour to show the layer underneath. This time I did a bottom layer wash of a sepia-toned colour which I really like. I've also thought about dunking the paper in tea. (peppermint? chamomile?) so maybe next time, and definitely on the good paper for that one.

Also playing more with linework, thick and thin. I really like the thick lines, they make the colours pop more, and I like adding the thin lines on top, I think it adds real dimension.

play, play, fun, fun!

I meant to say in my previous posts that the new format for Illustration Friday rocks with its snazzy link viewer and handy thumbnails. Now I feel at least that I get to look at all the illos I really like, and that I'm not missing anything, because I could never get to all 600 of them before. Now I'm ready for the next I-F topic! Bring it on!!!