A boy and his frog

One of the best things about the children's book illustration class I did was that I got to see a few working illustrator's folios. I don't think I've ever seen another artist's folio before! So this was great and made me realise that mine needs some serious updating, and a bit of filling out.

I know one thing art directors like to see is the same character in a few different poses, to show consistency. I like the look of the flamingos I did where the character is playing out on this horizontal line. So in that vein here is a boy and his frog.

Here also is the finished cover for my friend's music book that I started in the last illustration class where we were doing collage (you can see the start of it here). I was a bit worried it was going to be too 'feminine' with all the flowery material (it's just what I had on hand) so I think the painting has solved that. It's not so visible in this scan, but you can still see some of the patterns coming through the paint. So overall I'm pretty happy with it (though I haven't shown it to my friend yet!)