CBI class #3

I redid some of my storyboards before this class, and am a lot happier with them. They are a lot more active, and we see the character's face more which I think is a good thing. You can see my previous attempts here.

I haven't included the next to last spread as it didn't change and also need to redo the last illo - haven't been able to find the right perspective yet so I'm still working on that one.

In this class, we focused on black and white and painting with inks. This was great, I had a lot of fun. We experimented with salt, masking fluid, and also with brush-drawing, as Meredith calls it. Oh yeah, the regular teacher wasn't able to be there so another illustrator, Meredith Thomas filled in. She's done a lot of educational readers in a very loose fun watercolour style which is pretty much what we focused on, but she also does amazing paper sculpture beyond belief. She made up a quick paper turtle for us and gave us the template to do at home. Very cute!

Anyway, back to pen and ink - it's funny cause I was a bit early for the class and went into this store called Made In Japan which has absolutely drool-on-your-boots furniture and other japanesey ephemera. I was lusting after this japanese calligraphy book (always wanted to take a japanese painting class but I figure i have enough on at the moment) - and then I get to my class and we are doing very similar things! I think i will try this for the linework in my illos. i haven't been happy with the different pens i've been trying. a regular old kids marker has given me the best results, and it is drying out fast! I think this might work well to give me a nice thick, but variable line, and I can still use pens for details if needed.

So here is my little dabble with brush-drawing (spread 3 from my storyboards):