I-Fri: Sticky

This was a hard one to paint, emotionally. I love dragonflys and hate spiders. especially here in Australia where spiders are as big as your hand. It's true! The stories you hear - they're all true. Well, they're not all deadly but they're still scary as hell!

When I was in high school in Montreal and would stay at my friend's house, if there were any spiders she would make me kill them with a shoe before we went to sleep. Of course these were about the size of your little finger. When she came out to Australia for my wedding this year, she said "will you kill all the spiders for me?" ...um, well, er.... it's different here.... but I did my best. We had a resident huntsman spider (those are the big ones, and the name just inspires confidence doesn't it?) which my husband dealt with. Then I sprayed this stuff all around the house which is supposed to create an "invisible barrier" for all insects. Well I must have barrier'd them all in because in the ensuing few days I never saw so many creatures in the house!! By the time my friend arrived i had gotten rid of most of them, but one night we are sitting chatting with my brother and he looks up and says with great awe 'oh kim there's this massive huntsman behind you' - I wouldn't let my friend look. It was huge. It's better not to have those images in your head.

Looking at this piece now after this story I think I could have made the spider bigger and scarier, or maybe even just have done a few big legs coming out of the corner. But maybe it's better like this, just for my own peace of mind...