Content, yet disappointed.

A few months ago I was asked to do a spot illustration for a magazine on spec (meaning, do it for us now, if we like it, we might pay you for it) - not anything I would recommend as a practice. But, it just so happens that this time it worked well. I had the illustration below published in their August issue, will have another in their September issue, and am working on one for October too, which is great!

BUT when I received my complimentary issue in the mail and ripped open the envelope, flipped eagerly through all the pages to find my treasured-first-illo-published-in-a-magazine, what did I find? ...This:

BLACK AND WHITE? If you wanted a B&W drawing I would have done a B&W drawing! Drats. So. Content, yet slightly disappointed, as you might imagine. About half the illos were in colour, and half in B&W, so perhaps it was just luck of the draw. It was good to look through all the other illos though and see I am in good company - and always inspiring to see other people's styles and how they interpret a story. I soon got over my initial shock and was just happy to see my work in print, and I'll just keep my fingers crossed for the next two...