I-Fri: Match

Something a bit different tonight...

I've been thinking about how illustration is great because, to state the obvious, you can draw things that don't actually exist! I tend to draw nice little scenes, but thought I would try something a bit more conceptual this time. I figure I've populated my folio enough with cute little kids, but some more editorial-type pieces might be good too. and I must admit, I have been inspired by flossy-p and her ever-beautiful paintings and well thought out ideas.

I thought of illustrating finding a matching blood type, and out sprang these little ambulances. In my original sketch, I didn't have anything in the middle of the heart, but felt it needed something when I was finished, so overlayed the very faint a-. Not sure if that's what it needed exactly but it seemed a satisfying solution. I tried to stay quite loose with the linework this time and I am happy with it in the end. I just hope I don't ever need an ambulance to come to my rescue!!