Building the collection

I went to this book sale where EVERYTHING was $5. it was great!! I got 6 children's books to add to the collection, 2 presents for soon-to-be-babies, and 2 novels for $50! I could have spent so much more but had set myself a limit before i walked in the door. it's the only way i could've gotten out of there with any money for groceries!! :-)

City Circus I got because it is a pictures-only book which I think is fantastic and rare and it is beautifully designed

My mum and dad make me laugh for the great patterns and textures

Who built the pyramid for the interesting linework

Creation for its cool looking illos, even though I'm not into creationist beliefs (i actually thought it was the aboriginal creation myths when i got it! )

Ben and Gran and the whole wild wonderful world for its whimsical illos and great page design

and The Duck Catcher for its technique. this is the one i'm most interested in actually, as it's something i want to try. it's written by Moses Aaron and illustrated by David Mackintosh, who uses an interesting method of collaging bits of painted stuff onto other bits of painted stuff. for instance, he might create this crazy cool background, and then collage the characters on top of it. like this:

this appeals to me because I love creating texture in my backgrounds but hate painting around things. so i'm going to try something like this for my next I-F piece. Phobia, hmmm.....