Good Stuff.

Here are a few things I've been working on lately:

Below is a design I'm working on for a community art project called 'artspots'. It's to promote public art and celebrate cultural diversity in our local council (which includes big populations of italian, greek and lebanese immigrants). Designs are submitted and then 20 are chosen to paint their designs on a 1m round supplied object (made of either aluminum or plywood) and then they will be displayed by the local library. I chose the themes of language, music and food! great benefits of a multicultural society!

And here's a sneak preview of a grammar book I am doing some work for. Nothing too exciting, but at least it's giving me practice illustrating boys and girls and puppies etc. - lots of practice in fact, about 60 illustrations worth! at least they're all quite small and fairly quick to whip off.

And it seems my efforts a few months ago to meet more illustrators has paid off, or maybe it's just Spring, but everyone is coming out of the wordworks!

This past weekend I went to the first melbourne SCWBI meeting in two years. I met, just by chance, the author of the first book I ever contributed to, an educational book about The 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, and also met illustrator Jacqui Grantford, who's work is really amazing.

also had a more casual meeting with some local area illustrators from the aussie illustration forums which was good. always good to chat to other people doing the same thing!

so all is well in the land of illustration.

(as you were.)