I-Fri: Quiet (unfinished)

i had this idea in my head of 'as quiet as a mouse in a library' - now that's pretty quiet. (until he decides to move!) ... i went a bit crazy on the sketch, playing with perspective. I'm happy with the result.

But I'm admitting defeat on this one and realising that I'm not going to get this finished by Friday due to 1) lots of work on (see previous post) and 2) a recurring pain in my elbow which has decided to flair up at this very crucial moment. naturally. i'm trying to save my arm so i can get my work done, but i do hope to finish this lil mousie at a later date. this will be the first time in months i haven't contributed a final piece to I-F which is disappointing to me, but what can i do, i must take care of myself first and foremost. i can't wait to finish it, but i need to wait for a good day!

xx l-k.