I-Fri: Smitten

here are two little smitten saurusus.

just another fairly quick one tonight. I'd like to get back into doing more involved compositions so hopefully when things calm down, soon... I've had my head down completing lots of rough sketches for a grammar book I am contributing to, so it was nice to use some colour again!

I find though that I'm not as enamoured with the black ink outlines as i once was. I'm getting more control with the gouache, am happy with that stage, and then get to the lines and end up a bit disappointed. This may be because the last few illos I've done are quite small in size, so the black brush strokes can sometimes be too thick and overpowering. but I also like the look of black pencil sketchy outlines, so i might play a bit more with that...

hope you are all well and creative out there in illustration land! I apologize for not making the rounds to leave comments as often lately. Another thing I'll get back to soon I promise!