rabbit on a rocket

These are some samples I'm doing for an educational publisher. It is for a book about handwriting, and they want B&W illos to accompany the lettering. This one, for instance, is "R". Rabbit on a Rocket. I've been going around saying rrrRabbit on a rrRocket all day. Try it. you'll like it.

So I did a few different treatments. top left with painted ink, bottom left coloured pencil, top right watercolour pencil, bottom right coloured pencil with wash. I like the last one the best, but i'm sending them the bottom 2 to see what they say. rrrrReally. I was very pleased though that they chose what is fast becoming 'my style' to do the kindergarten level of this book, cause out of the folio samples i gave them they could well have chosen something that is not so much 'me' anymore. so it's cool, i get to practice this style more, and, perhaps more importantly, become known for it. it's going to be a big project though - 100 illustrations! and all in the span of two weeks! eek!