I-F: Thanksgiving

I did one!!!

OK, so it's super duper quick but I've been missing I-F, so a slow afternoon at work led me to this. I couldn't stop thinking of the dumb joke we used to tell as kids... one person starts off "1-Q", the next person "2-Q" and when you get to "10-Q" the other responds "you're welcome!" waa ha ha ha! hmm. (almost as good as "i 1 the sandbox... i 8 the sandbox... You ate the sandbox??")

Anyway, Thanksgiving isn't done here in Australia but I used to celebrate it when I lived in Canada/US, although our family always celebrated the Canadian holiday even when we lived in the US. The Canadian thanksgiving is basically the same thing, except because the tradition comes from farmers giving thanks for a good harvest and Canada is much colder, the harvest comes earlier, so it is celebrated some time in October. This meant I always had a non-family Thanksgiving celebration when I lived in the US which was a lot of fun. I'd usually rent a house on the coast with some friends (I lived in Portland, OR) for the long weekend and eat and drink and be very merry. ah.... good times....

I think it's also a good time to remember the people that don't have any turkey at all. No, not the vegetarians! But maybe have a bit less cranberry sauce this year and donate some to your local homeless shelter. A's family has a tradition of donating to a charity instead of giving presents at Christmas, which I have adopted wholeheartedly. Sorry didn't mean to get on my soapbox there. stepping onto firm ground now. Enjoy the feast all my american friends!