I-F: Mask

Another quick one but quite a poignant one I must say. It's pretty much how I feel right at this very moment. I think we've probably all felt this way sometimes. I've mostly shied away from personal stuff on this blog because I've wanted to keep it mostly about illustration, but really, where does art come from but life. So. purge about to happen. (click away now or forever hold your peace.)

this has been a hard year. It has been an amazing year, but a hard year.
My illustration work has totally taken off; I got married; We're planning great things for the future.
my father-in-law had a stroke; I never see my husband cause we are both so busy; the year has slipped away.

it's a lot of ups and downs really... the ups are great. the downs are harder to deal with! Right now I am a bit down but I know it will pass. I guess I tend to focus on the positives since that's the kind of person I am. I suppose I find it easier than dwelling in the depths of sadness. Having a good cry is a good release though, so is painting, hence the illustration.

so... on the positive side... I have just finished some major projects (which I will post about very soon so stay tuned) and I am extremely excited about that. It also means I can get back to Illustration Friday a bit more regularly now. Yay! I have also been tagged by Jules! My first tag! So I'm going to do that before I go to bed to put myself in a good mood for sleep. (see next post)

hope you're all well out there in cyber-land. xx