I'm it!

I've been tagged by Jules! I feel all warm and fuzzy because of it. I've been looking at people's blogs getting tagged and thinking, 'oh. i want to be tagged. maybe I should start a tag just to be part of it all. sigh.'
so here we are...

4 jobs I have had:
- my first ever job was serving frozen yogurt. oh the glamour.
- at a software company doing animation and illustration for children's CD-ROMs. Probably the best job I've ever had (though freelance illustrator ranks a close second). I left that job to come to Australia.
- waitress at a pizza restaurant in Lygon St (the italian district of Melbourne) - i lasted about a week.
- jewellery designer - this was pretty cool until i realized that my job wasn't just designing rings for rich people, it was also being a salesperson for them too. In fact, it was 80% sales and 20% design. i didn't last very long there either.

4 movies I could watch over and over:
- Amelie
- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
- Love Actually (and cry my eyes out every time)
- Fight Club. (how come I always forget how it ends?)

4 places I have lived (apart from where I am now):
- Montreal, Canada (where I was born)
- Portland, OR, USA (for 8 years)
- Footscray (western burbs of Melbourne. I lived there for a year)
- Brunswick (ok so it's where I live now but I totally love it and had to put it in!)

4 TV shows I love:
errr.... don't watch much TV. Um what's that one about missing people with Anthony Lapaglia? I like that one.
And I like the Simpsons, as does everyone, but I haven't watched it for yonks.
Saw an episode of Fawlty Towers the other night, still so rediculous and funny.
can't think of a 4th, sorry. next...

4 places I have been for a vacation:
- only 4? travel ranks just as high a passion for me as art. Okay um - Hawaii
- Trinidad
- Sri Lanka
- Spain and Morocco. (okay that's 5 but it makes up for my lack of TV shows)

4 websites I visit daily:
- My blog. cause you have to.
- Drawn! - so inspirational and such good info
- Aussie Illustration Forums - good chats with other aussie illustrators
- Illustration Friday - of course.

4 favourite foods:
- avocados. especially on toast with S&P and lemon juice and a bit of paprika or chilli powder. yum. I also make a mean guacamole.
- berries. oh I can eat them by the truckful. They never get very cheap here but when they get to under $5/punnet I have to go for it, and tis the season now. yessss.....
- smoked salmon or any kind of seafood, especially on the barbeque (ok, not smoked salmon on the bbq!)
- anything sweet. I like gingery or cinammony flavoured things a lot.

4 places I would rather be:
- Spain. I love it so much.
- With my family. I miss them so much!
- In bed!
- On this lovely island in Thailand where I went with A a few years ago and we are going to go back in 2007. little shack on the beach. fresh seafood. warm water. bliss....

4 people I am tagging:
- flossy-p
- irisz
- sweet pea
- annette
hope you haven't done this one yet!

*edit: this post has ended up before my I-F post by mistake cause I put pm instead of am. oops.

*ps. I feel better now :-) goodnight.