Diary hunting

Well it's already February and I still don't have a diary ('planner' for you north americans) for 2007 yet. I've looked in all the bookstores and nothing really strikes my fancy. I really like getting a nice one, because I figure you look at it almost every day, it's worth spending that extra $10 to get a nice one.

My favourite past diary was for 2004 - a Winnie the Pooh diary given to me by A - and I love it, because it was interspersed with cool illustrations, like this:

So I wanted to find something similar. Where else but the internet? I looked at etsy... nothing. so I just did a google search and found a few. But really not as many as I would have thought. I think there's a market here. But here are some of the ones I was attracted to:

Nice, but a bit mainstream

Little Warrior
really cool, and australian. but then I saw...

Little Otsu
and fell in love!
Love I tell you. such adorable things. I decided to get this diary, mostly for the novel idea that you write in your own dates! I figure, what with it being February already, and going travelling for 4 months this year when I'll be leaving my diary (and my mobile phone, and my computer, and lots of other things) at home, this is perfect. and it looks really cool. PLUS they have shops in Portland, Oregon, which is where my parents live and where I'll be starting off my 4 month trip so I reckon I'll be making a little visit. Love that mushroom t-shirt!

the only thing is, they ship to the US or Canada only (shock, horror) so I got it sent to my parents place (guess I should tell them that, eh?) and they'll send it on to me - so it may be March before I get it! damn!