I-F: Sprout

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Okay so this is a bit of a stretch for "Sprout," but this is what I have been working on and I wanted to share, and I thought this almost fit. Those are little flower sprouts aren't they?

I'm working on a few things to submit to the stylefile, an australian site dedicated to children's book illustrators and their folios. Apparently publishers actually use it! I applied once before, about 2 years ago, and wasn't accepted, but in retrospect it was when I was just getting into illustration and the work I submitted was all over the place. 8 different pieces and about 8 different styles. Now that I have a more cohesive style, and a bit more experience under my belt, I am hoping I'll have more of a chance...

I think I have a bank of paintings to pull from, I just have to decide which ones! Also, it's important to choose pieces which display well on the website - the viewing area is quite small, and it is also square, so I wanted to do something that fit well into that. Hence, ms. peacock!

The deadline is March 2nd, but maybe I'll post here beforehand for some opinions once I've decided which pieces to submit. Wish me luck!