I-F: Total

Some more moleskine sketches for you. I'm calling this the total Portland experience:

it's hard to see from the scan but i've collaged bits of the Powell's bookstore 'map' on here - they've redesigned their map and it's really cool (the bookstore spans an entire city block so you definitely need one!)

it's a lovely time to be in Portland. The trees are in full blossom, everything is so green and lush, sure it's raining and yes it was only about 10C today (and hailing), but it's beautiful. we've already had a few nice days in the midst of rain for hiking and walking around downtown, seen bald eagles and red tail hawks galore, and i'm remembering how to drive on the other side of the road as well (the "right" side, apparently.) more sketches soon...

In other news, a big thank you to Michelle Lana for spotlighting me on her blog, and for the lovely comments left by people there! Go visit Michelle's fantastic and humorous work!