Jungle rhythms

(this isn't a great reproduction because it's too big for my scanner so I had to photograph it)

A friend of my husband's saw my website and loved my giraffes, so asked me to do a painting for him. It evolved from a giraffe into a four piece jungle band! I had sooo much fun doing this. Also it is bigger than I usually paint (it is about 320mm x 450mm, and I normally don't do much bigger than A4 - 210mm x 297mm) so it was a challenge that way too. i really enjoyed painting larger - it gives you so much more room to play and to add little details.

I took a few photos along the way:

lines traced onto 300lb Arches watercolour paper

base wash of yellow and starting to put in the greens with some fun drips & spatters

shadows on the greens and add in reds/browns

all the colouring done!

painted ink lines to finish it off.