Goodbye Oregon, Hello California

well we had a great time with my parents on the Oregon coast celebrating their anniversary, but the next day it was rainy and grey, so we headed south to the sunny climes of california, landing in the brilliant San Francisco on Sunday. We both love it here. We pretend we live here. Well, as Andy said, we DO live here, for the next few nights anyway.

Unfortunately we've both gotten a bit sick, but not enough to keep us down. we've still been walking the city from the Wharf to Chinatown, the Marketplace to Coit tower, up and down Haight Street. Once we're better we'll get out at night a bit more. it's been beautiful and sunny but a bit chilly when the sun goes down. we want to get bikes and ride over the Golden Gate bridge!

this country is completely wired with wi-fi ("wiffy" as we call it) which has not really hit its peak in Australia yet. So we got an adapter and now we are wired too!! In fact I'm posting this from a cafe in the funky-artsy and unpretentious mission district. I really like it here. Visited Little Otsu where I bought my diary over the internet a few months ago, and totally fell in love with this art supply store to end all art supply stores called Flax. Not only did it have every art material you could ever dream of, but a small gallery, studio furniture, a framing centre, canvas stretching, and an entire room with the most beautiful printed paper. I could have spent hours there but I could see Andy's eyes slowly glazing over...

We've fallen in love with SF. It is very much like Melbourne, except x 10! It's going to be hard to leave, but new adventures and a long road beckon.

but for now here is a SF sketch (with collaged street map):

more soon, I'm sure!! xx