Time flies

Hi again! Well we've been packing it in since I last posted, so it's been hard to find time to sketch let alone to write posts! So here is another sketch from San Fran on a typically foggy day (with collaged paper from the cool art store I found in SF):

from there we went to Las Vegas where we met up with my friend Dan and got to see the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show "Love" which was amazing, and an unexpected turn to the trip! No time for a sketch unfortunately.

From the city of lights and glitz and phony, we went to the other extreme of camping at the grand canyon. it was really cold and we weren't prepared for it, but it was fun anyway. The grand canyon is so incredible. I've been once before but it still blew me away. Here's a quick sketch from our hike around the southern rim:

we also hiked down into it the next day which was really cool.

Then it was on to New Mexico - I've been wanting to come to NM for years. I am still working on these sketches so I'll post those a bit later.

Then we went to Austin, Texas and stayed with some friends of my parents'. But, my parents surprised us by opening the door when we arrived! So that was another unexpected turn to the trip! we enjoyed lots of days and nights eating and drinking and finding great live music with them. It's been fantastic! Andy made some great music contacts and i did no sketches :-(

But now we're in New Orleans where we are staying for 3 weeks to see the jazz festival and for Andy to get his fill of New O music. I'll hopefully have a bit more time to complete sketches and do other posts from here. It's funny, New Orleans has always been our end destination of this road trip and we've been super excited to get here, but now it's almost a bit sad because it means our road trip is over. 4300 miles, 6 states... mountain passes, snow, desert, forests, rivers, lakes, cities, country towns, truck stops, and even a cop chase texas-style!... we've seen a lot of this amazing country. i want to keep going! I've been gone almost 6 weeks already and I can't believe it. Time is flying...


*it should now work to click on thumbnails for a closer view