I-F: My Paradise

We just went to paradise 2 weeks ago. In the south of Mexico, in a tiny little fishing town called San Augustinillo, we found it.

a breezy open-air cabana, warm weather and warm water, a comfortable bed and hammock, soft sand and fresh fish, and where the turtles now swim freely.

San Augustinillo once relied on the poaching of turtles ('tortugas' in spanish) as its main commerce, until it was banned in the early 90's. they had to find some other way to make a living, so tourism became very important, and that's why we were able to find a dreamy little cabana by the beach in a town most Mexicans haven't even heard of. we were there for 5 days, but we could have stayed there forever.

i did these sketches of 'tortugas' there (among others) while swinging in the hammock, and while Andy composed music on our little deck. it was, decidedly, paradise.