Montreal to Paris

well the whirlwind tour continues and now we are in europe. we slunk through boston and the beach at provincetown, rocked through Montreal, and now we are in drizzly (but beautiful) Paris. We are enjoying some lazy time recuperating after not much sleep in Montreal for a week, and some major jet lag, but still enjoying all that this great city has to offer...
here are some sketches from the last little while:

flowers, done at the beach in Provincetown, Massachewsetts where we rented a little cottage with my family for a week. I'm not sure why this image popped into my head - maybe some tourist's hawaiian shirt.

done on the plane from Montreal to Paris. We had such a great time in Montreal, from giving Andy the full tour of 'my life' (house where I grew up, the municipal pool, my first school, etc...) to staying out dancing with friends to street festivals and amazing food - it was a great trip, and hard to really sum up. The green mound in the middle is Mount Royal - a mountain in the middle of the city with a cross on top, a but like New York's central park (but on a smaller scale). We climbed it one day and got a great view of the city.

Montmartre, Paris. where it all began. Andy and I met here 11 years ago, and we are staying in the same hostel where we met! we even cooked the same dinner that we remembered cooking together in 1996! (paella out of a box) it's been another run down memory lane and it's been incredible and a bit bizarre. who knows where we'll be in another 11 years...!
please also see my post for this week's illustration friday word 'camouflage'...