Home again home again....

I'm home. I almost can't quite believe it. 4 months of travelling, having completely new experiences, meeting amazing people again or for the first time, trying new foods, being blown away by incredible music and art, exploring, adventures unplanned, surprises and sooo many good times and great memories...... and now it's all over. it's a bit of a spin out to be back to the same old-same old. as nice as the comforts of home and a bit of routine are.... I was in JAPAN last week!!

But I have to say it is nice to be back to my studio, cold and wintry though it is. The one major issue we've had to deal with on our return is that we have to move out of our house because the landlord has decided he wants to move back in. and we've been trying to decide... do we rent again or do we buy? can we buy? going crazy with house inspections and bank managers, trying to figure out if it's all possible. not exactly the relaxing welcome home we were hoping for, but maybe it's the bit of excitement we needed to avoid the post-travel blues :-)

A few nice things on an illustration front though are that I was accepted to the stylefile which I applied for before I left. It is a great resource for publishers to find australian illustrators so I'm very glad to be a part of it. Also the Illustrators Australia website is up so I need to get my stuff on that as well.

but until then here are the last sketches from my travelling moleskine:
we went to a park/zoo near our friends' house in Gothenberg and saw some moose! they're such funny creatures.

Japan was fantastic and we definitely didn't have enough time there. I am 100% going back there someday, maybe to study, who knows?

and that's all she wrote folks! The end of my travel sketches. thanks to anyone who might have been checking in along the way, hope you enjoyed them, I certainly enjoyed making them and it's such a great record of our trip now (along with the 26 CD's full of photos and videos of course!)