we've been skipping through countries lately..... from France to Italy, one night in Switzerland and now in Sweden.

it's all been about visiting friends so it's a great part of the trip. I met some of Andy's friends in Genova,Italy who I have been hearing stories about for years; we met some friends of mine in Zurich who I know from travelling around Australia together years ago; now we are with some mutual friends in Gothenberg for a week.
next stop (and last stop) is Japan for our friend's wedding. I love Japanese art and aesthetic so I'm really excited to go there for that reason (as well of the wedding of course!)

it's hard to believe that our 4 months of travelling is almost over. it's going to be great to get back home, to my bed, my studio, and some semblance of healthy eating again! but at the same time I don't want this trip to ever end. "real" life seems so far away, but it's going to slap me in the face pretty soon!!

but for the moment I still have a week to go so yipee!

here are some recent sketches:

Paris french onion soup

Genova, Italy - I loved how all the buildings were painted pink and yellow, such beautiful meditteranean colours. it was funny on the train to zurich to see how all the bright colours changed to brown and grey the farther away from the sun and sea we were.

One of our friends here is Sweden grew up on farmland and we went to visit her hometown and lots of cows and woolly sheep. this picture was inspired partly by a children's book i bought where sheep were done with just splotches of paint (will post about the books I bought when I get home) and also because I had made a dark smudge on this page by accident, so turned the smudge into fingerprint cows! Fun!

my next post might be from home!!xx