Chin up

I'm a bit down tonight because we just found out we didn't get a house we've been looking at and picturing ourselves in and planning renovations for in our heads. It had this fantastic sunroom at the back which would have been my studio. we were outbid by someone. so now it's back to the drawing board - trolling the internet, house inspections every saturday, haggling with estate agents, etc. etc. etc.

it's a very competitive market here, unlike the one in america at the moment. I wonder if what is happening there will happen here eventually and maybe we should just wait, and house prices will start going DOWN. if we weren't getting kicked out of our rental place I would probably do that. But for now I have just drawn myself a little chin up giraffe, and will sit down with some red wine and a movie and commiserate with my hubby. at least i have someone to go through all this with. that's the one thing i keep coming back to that always makes me feel okay. :-)