Thinking, not doing.

How did it get to Thursday evening already? I've been thinking all week about what I'd do for IF's 'momentum' but I guess I haven't had much of it myself this week. whole days seem to fly by in a flurry of meetings with clients, househunting, and thinking about all the things I should be doing instead. darn.

Well, to counteract that at least a little, here is my next series of travel photos: Dogs & Cats. (See the first series, Doors & Windows here.)

these are all from our little mexican paradise, San Augustinillo - a tiny little fishing village on the southern coast of mexico where we found a dreamy hut, a hammock, great fish, and a lot of dogs. some of them are scarily skinny, but most seem to be pretty happy playing in the sand.

The top two cats were also from San Augustinillo - I just caught that first one at the right time, and the 2nd one seemed to be in the same position on that chair every day.
bottom left puddycat was in a shop window in Paris, and I got told off by the shopowner for taking a photo in her store. when I said it was just for the cat, not the products, she told me off even more! one of those people who proves the stereotype i guess?
The last one was at a butterfly and flower farm in West Texas. one very chilled out cat. i love the black cat against the white chair.

next series: inspiring art!