News and more news

This has been an amazing year - when I think of everything that's happened - a 4 month round-the-world trip, buying our first house, and now...

My very talented musician husband won a blues competition with a very talented singer friend of his - and the prize is that they get flown to Memphis at the end of Jan for another competition there! so of course I have to go too. AND, it just so happens that the WEEKEND AFTER his competition is THIS:

so I can't be that close at exactly the right time and not go can I? No, I can't. So I'm going! I registered today. Even though I don't have my plane tickets yet, I AM GOING TO NEW YORK! (in February. BRrrrRR!!) and if you're going, let me know... because I will know no one. (eek!)

So that is very exciting. and moving into our new house in 2 weeks is very exciting also. But I must admit I've surprised myself with how emotional I've been so far, packing up and leaving our rental for the last 5 years. Usually, I love change. (It is as good as a holiday, after all) But I am really sad to leave our little house, with it's gorgeous courtyard, situated 1 block from Sydney Road which offers anything you could ever need - delis, cafes, beer gardens, book shops, art supply stores... everything really. I'll miss it. I'll miss waving to Todd at La Paloma as I pass by, who makes the best sandwiches and coffee ever. I'll miss hearing our deaf Greek neighbours argue through the walls (when they're probably just talking about what to have for dinner). I'll miss walking around the corner to one of the best pubs in Melbourne.

Don't get me wrong, I'm terribly excited about our new house - making it ours, not having to hide the cat for house inspections, painting, decorating, creating a garden.... I'm so excited to be able to express ourselves into the place that we live in. But I have been sighing a lot while I've started the big pack up today.

Life is so bittersweet isn't it?