Tagged! I'm weird.

I've been tagged by the lovely Alicia to post 5 weird things about me. ok, on your marks...

1. I've just found out that one of my teeth has almost no root. The dentist was amazed and said "do you mind if I ask my colleague? I've never seen a case like this!" - it's not like it's wiggling or anything, it's as solid as a rock. bizarre!

2. I cannot eat a grilled cheese sandwich without cutting it into triangles. something from my childhood I guess, it just tastes better that way!

3. I never learned to whistle, and it annoys me so much. I can remember consciously learning to snap (and I'm a damn good snapper!) so I guess that must have eclipsed whistling class?

4. When I get home with the groceries, I love putting them all out together on the counter before I put them away in the cupboard or fridge. Don't know why, it's one of those satisfying popping-the-bubble-wrap feelings.

5. I am the avocado whisperer. I can pick the most perfect ripe-but-not-too-ripe avocado every time - just the right amount of squishyness. What can i say, some people are just born with special talents ;-)

I'm not going to continue the meme at this point because, well, I've been packing boxes all week and I'm just too damn exhausted! We move on Friday to our new house and I'm just so looking forward to having this entire house-looking-buying-moving process over with. I'm really excited, and a tad sad too, but the sadness is mostly dissipating and leaving the elation in its place. I realised when I finished my last job this weekend that I won't be doing any more art in this space. But a new space is ready for me to fill and make my own, and for that, I CAN'T WAIT!