I-F: Little things

I've been trying to get into the head of a teenager lately, and this is what I came up with. I was given the opportunity to do an illustration for an anthology for 10-14 year-olds, with a completely open subject matter - so I used I-F's prompt to help me along. I started thinking about the little things I used to enjoy when I was a teenager, and one of them was just lying on my bed listening to music, which I never seem to do anymore (funnily though, this idea solidified when I was sitting listening to music!)

Maybe because technology is such a big part of our lives now, I find I don't do the 'little things' as much anymore. Since I have just moved and am still completely surrounded by boxes, (it was hard work finding my paints and clearing a space to work!) the stereo/television etc. aren't connected, internet only just connected, I have found myself reverting to simpler things - and it's good. We should switch off the computers more often! (she says in front of her Mac)

Anyway, I hope you like this. This one is a triple-whammy! My submission for I-F, and also for this anthology, and ALSO for my folio for when I go to the conference in New York in Feb - I'm going to work really hard at all the I-F topics until I go, to make them all portfolio-worthy pieces. (I hope!)

Oh, and I must say - homeownership is divine! We've already ripped out some cupboards, and just being able to dream about knocking down walls, painting murals, planting trees... it's all so tasty! We haven't started making repayments yet though!! :-)