I-F: 100%

This is 100% the same composition as my last IF post for "soar"!

I have been going through a colour crisis lately. Ever since I read Penelope's post on colour, I've been looking at my own work differently. I tend to go for the really bright, happy, punchy colours, but sometimes they are so bright that they look a bit fluoro and garish.

When looking at other IF entries for "soar," I took careful note of which ones I liked, and a lot of them had really earthy palettes. So I thought I'd try something different, but using a previous composition so that I could really compare the two.

So what do you think??!! I've wanted to update my illo-of-the-month for January on my website, but not sure which one to choose, so please help me decide!! Leave me a comment and let me know which one you like best - bright (soar) or earthy (100%) ?