I-F: Tales and Legends

I'm sure there are many tales told about the Great Wall of China.
This is an old one (hence the different style) - it was for a book about the Olympics in Beijing THIS YEAR. (2008 seemed so far away when I did it!)

Well this will be my last post before I head off to the USA to Memphis to see my hubby perform and then to NY for the SCBWI conference. I'm pretty happy with my folio, though i think i'll use the plane rides to do a few finishing touches! (i've got a few of em! plane rides that is.)

One of the things I'm most excited about the conference is meeting fellow illustrators Alicia, Monica and Courtney. See you there ladies!

So off I go... I plan to keep a visual diary in my moleskine so I'll be sure to do a big write-up/sketch-up on it when I get back.

Until then, have fun out there in bloggy land!