I am very excited to finally announce that I will be working on illustrating a book with author Karen Andrews! -- be sure to check out her blog, she writes very humorously, and often! It's a great blog for mums (or wannabe mums like me ;-) -- So..... it's called Surprise! and is a wonderfully unique and engaging book for 2-5 year olds. Karen is open to me posting updates and sketches (not giving away too much of course!) but I thought it might be fun to track the progress here and give you an insight into the way I work. We all work differently, and I think it is so important and informing to see how other people do things.

For instance, Alicia is also working on a book, and she has started on the storyboards as a first step. For me, I prefer to work on the characters first (so I know who I am dealing with!) and then the storyboards. I think the more I can draw the characters and get to know them the better, so that's where my mind begins. I've already done a bit of this work, so I will post this soon. In fact, I've decided I will do regular postings, so feel free to check back for Surprise Mondays when I will post my ideas, issues (hopefully not!) and progress with the book... and I would love to hear your comments, questions and insights too!!

I finally took the plunge and updated my Blogger template (which I had been putting off for oh... a year now?) so that I could have the labels list on the right hand side there. So in the future you can just click on the "Surprise" link to see all the posts relating to the book. In updating, i had to recreate my links list, so I'm sorry if I've missed anyone! But these are all the blogs I check pretty regularly now, so I hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as I do...

See you soon!