I-F: Primitive

Some people might feel quite 'primitive' before having their first cup of morning coffee...

OK so this wasn't done for I-F and it's a bit of a stretch, but there you go. This is actually for the 2nd blogaversary of my online critique group The Creative Cup. I've found CC invaluable in my humble lil illustration career - from getting practical advice on composition and style to personal encouragement to sharing industry info and links. I feel lucky to be a part of it, so thank you Creative Cupsters!

This illo was done with a mixture of ink, acrylics and collage in my moleskine. I bought this acrylic paint called 'Mixing White' by mistake, and was really disappointed because it is much thinner than the normal W&N Artist's colour, but just discovered that it's great for use on top of collage. See? everything has it's use! (famous last words from a hoarder, which by the way, I refuse to be, except when it comes to art supplies...)