21 days creative exercise: Days 1-5

Some lovely illustrator-blogsters, Alicia and Gina, have started up a 21 day creative exercise. The premise is it takes 21 days to form a new habit and the goal is to get (at least) 15 minutes of creative time into each day.

Others are focussing mainly on trying new things and pushing boundaries. For me, I am pretty busy at the moment and don't feel like I have the headspace to push myself into new realms, so I am approaching this a bit differently. I am just hoping to get into the habit of sketching every day, and getting more whimsy into my art. I'm hoping that at the end of these 21 days I can have a catalogue of ideas I can refer back to as ideas for bigger paintings. (I also hope to perhaps make a few ATCs along the way as Diana is doing, but I'm not holding myself to that one.)

So... this is the 5th day I've been doing it (just haven't had time to post yet!), here we go:

DAY 1: I started off just sketching out a realisation I had that teapots look like elephants (or vice versa) - not sure where that idea is going yet but it's good to get it down on paper.
Then moved on to birds. I don't like the way I draw birds so trying to work that out a bit more.
DAY 2: Fish! Just having fun. Some from my head, some looking at pictures. I wrote down things next to them that might spark 'whimsy'!
DAY 3: Ever since I did this illustration I have wanted to elaborate on it - possibly create a line of greeting cards someday. For the moment I have some good friends who are having a baby soon so I thought I'd do a card for them.
DAY 4: Doing some sketches for Illustration Friday's "Wrinkle" - I hope I can get this done in time! not sure!
DAY 5: Just feeling really good today - had a productive day and a few nice emails, conversations with friends that have made me fly. so trying to capture that feeling....

I'll try to post my 15 minutes of creativeness a bit more regularly! And don't forget to check out all the other amazing illustrators doing it too - check Alicia's blog - she's got them all linked on her sidebar. Thanks Alicia and Gina!