21 days creative exercise: Days 20-21

How did it get to be Day 21 already? That doesn't seem right. well looking back it looks like I skipped days 13-15 (not for any superstitious reasoning or anything, I just did!) - so maybe I should go to at least day 24.

Anyway here is Day 20:
I did a little series of sketches of a girl and her dinosaur (on post-its again!) - playing with perspectives again. yes i know he is one weird lookin dino!
"up! up!"
up looking down
down looking up

Day 21: This is one of my favourites of the whole 21 days I think! I went to my first ever meditation class the other night, and as we were trying to 'clear our minds' the instructor said if a thought came into your mind, that was okay, and just to let it float by like a log on a river or a cloud in the sky.
I thought, wouldn't it be great if we could do that, just send all our negative thoughts and feelings floating away, and I guess I had paper boats on a river in my mind because I just can't stop thinking of flossy-p's beautiful painting... (if you don't know flossy-p or haven't seen this painting you must, it's gorgeous)

okay, three more days to go... :)