A day in the life

Well I've been tagged by Alicia to continue Holli's meme. It's funny how everything seems to happen at once you know - I'm so busy with job work (overtime) and illustration work (surprise!) and doing the 21 day creative exercise and wanting to do I-F and then this meme! I was going to put it off but then thought it would probably be more interesting if I did it while I was busy anyway ;-) I'm sure once I finish the book everything will stop all at once and I won't know what to do with myself!

Anyway... here it goes...
Saturday May 17th 2008

7.50 Alarm goes off

8.10 Get up, get dressed, grab a banana and leave for pilates classes (I must admit this is not my usual routine! I love my weekend sleep-ins and will be doing a pilates class regularly in the evening, this was a one-off)

Get home, there is a message from Karen, the author of the book I'm working on to call her. Check emails and some blogs (thanks for your comments on my last post!)

Chat with Karen about various book related things. Have a crumpet with honey (bought from our neighbour who keeps bees! It is the yummiest!)

My hubby calls (he is away this weekend). Another crumpet with honey.

Shower, dress in comfy WARM clothes because it is freezing here (13C) and grab a handful of almonds

into my studio! I'm starting on the double page spreads for the book (will post about this on Monday!) - cut paper to size, trace the sketch onto the paper, tape paper to drawing board. Listening to Groove Armada "Goodbye Country" (music is a big part of creating for me btw!)

Hmmm, that crumpet just didn't do it. Make quesadilla with cheese, avocado and ham. Feed the cat while it is cooking.

eat in my studio where the heater is on. yummm. do my 15 minutes of creativity (the 21 day creative exercise) while eating to loosen up the painting hand.

45 make cup of peppermint tea. Whiskey the cat is now curled up in front of the heater.

I do a quick colour study in Photoshop of the spread I am about to paint (again, will post about this on Monday!) Now listening to Groove Armada "Lovebox"

start painting!

a little break. change water for my brushes, check emails... have been tagged by Teri aka Princess Tomato! Will get to that later. Find reference images online of kids rooms and floorboards as I am painting a boy's room. Let the cat out. Have a biscuit. Let the cat back in.

Back to painting! Music: Thievery Corporation

Need reference for how a bed quilt would fall (folds, etc.) - go into my bedroom and sketch the bed quickly.

ooh it's cold in there! Back into the warm studio. keep painting.

Hubby phones again! So good to talk to him.

Back to painting. Music: Shpongle

My favourite part of this Shpongle album - get up and dance (another essential part of my creative process)

OK, back to painting.

I need a break. Clean brushes - oh, it's dark outside already! and still raining. That's okay though, the garden needs it. Scan in stuff for my 21 days post and make the post. Snuggles with Whiskey. Music: Sade

Go to make dinner. Can't decide what to make. I was hoping there'd be something quick like a soup I could just heat up but no luck. So I made rice + dahl with okra and green beans. Yummy, but it took over an hour to make - but at least I don't have to cook dinner tomorrow!

back to work! music: Corinne Bailey Rae

I'm at a good stopping point. I think I'll stop here before I get too tired and start making mistakes. A good day of work, I was able to lay down all the base colour, so tomorrow will be fun stuff like shadows, collage and linework. Phew!

Type up this post and read other 'day in the life's. music: Bob Marley

Put away food and do the dishes.

Back in front of the computer! we keep track of everything we spend so I put some receipts that have been piling up into our budget software.

11.30 Finish up this post, brush teeth and going to read in bed (where I'll probably fall asleep in about 2 minutes!)

Hope I haven't put you to sleep if it isn't your bedtime yet!

okay, now to tag some other victims... how about Diane Duda, Woody Miller, Mika, Leezy, oh... four's enough isn't it?