wonderful collage paper + google

Last weekend my luvly hubby went up to Sydney and visited The Scrapbook Megastore (I'm sure there's a link out there somewhere but couldn't find at at the mo'!) and brought me back these beatuiful collage papers - they are wonderful! It's so nice to have more to choose from. He's the best :-)

The next thing I wanted to mention was about Google. I am in two minds about Google - it's a love/hate thing:

Love that I can personalise the header and have cool artists like Jimmy Liao (幾米) where the image changes with the time of day. The first one makes me smile every time:

(I have this on my 2nd tab)

Love Google Reader which tells me which blogs have been updated without me having to go check every one (thanks for the tip Alicia!)

Love having lists, news and weather for here, Portland, OR (where my parents are) and Montreal (where my friends are) at a glance

Love that Google has become a verb (well not really, but I think it's funny)

Hate that Google has supported censorship in China

and the orphan works bill.

hmmm.... ethics or convenience? one of modern life's pressing questions.