Surprise Monday : Week 14: 27 down, 2 to go

That's right, only 2 more illustrations to go! and one is a redo of this image which was once the title page but is now the cover. I don't feel the way I did it was 'cover material' so I will redo and show it to you next week. A little poll: do you like how the boy on the left is reaching down towards the cat? (sort of like the cat is sniffing his fingers like cats do) I like the cat but for some reason I feel the sniffing thing looks funny. I'd like to change it but not quite sure what to do with his left hand. Any ideas?

Well this week I finished off this spread which I showed you earlier. I'd love to show you the finished one but it doesn't fit in my scanner and my digital camera has died a sudden death! (another thing to put on the list!)

The last illustration (besides the cover) that I have to do is a double page spread of Alice (the little black girl) and then I am done done done! phew! It's been a long haul, but a lot of fun!! Thanks for coming along for the ride... see you next week!

...And I must apologize to my 21 days buddies. I had said I would take it back up and I haven't and I don't think I am going to for a little while. The book has sort of taken over and I reckon I'm going to need a bit of a break from _everything_ when it is done! But I'd like to try it again when I am ready and be a bit more committed to it this time. Congrats to all of you who produced such beautiful pieces! you are all inspiring! xx