Thanks so much to Tom for awarding me with the Brilliante Blog Award going about! Tom was along for the ride while I was documenting working on Surprise! and it was great to have his comments, and also see his work change and evolve with the 21 day creative exercise as well. Thanks Tom!

So the idea is to pass it on to 7 brilliant blogs. I think these 7 might have received it already, so I thought instead I would add them to my blogroll, as I've been meaning to do this for AGES. 

So if you don't know them already, please go visit the beautiful wonderful whimsical inspiring work of Monica, Emila, Steve Morrison, Sparkle Seahorse, Happy Doodle Land, Gina Perry and Kathleen Rietz. You are all brilliant! (and I pass this award on to you if you haven't gotten it already!)