Good News!

I am happy to announce that I have been contracted to illustrate a series of 4 board books! The publisher must remain nameless for now, but I am very excited for many reasons:
• it's a publisher I haven't worked with before
• they're board books so for really little kids which is the age I love illustrating for most (also board books have no gutter, meaning the pages lay flat so there is no 'loss' of space in the middle where the pages are bound)
• the books are all about being healthy, so they've got a really good focus
• the characters are animals! I've always preferred drawing animals than humans, but the last few books I've done have been people, so I'm really excited to get back to drawing animals again. Soooo.... let me introduce you to my main characters, twin elephants Ethan and Emily:

I've been asked to change their ears a bit as they are too round, but other than that, these are the little guys I'll be having fun with for the next few months!